Lockdown News

Fillies Latest News (Lockdown)

Victory in Europe - 75 years

VE Day is a day commemorating the official end of the Second World War. Many plans for celebrating have been cancelled due to covid but many adapted to celebrate and show respect to those who fought for us.

Care Package- Hygiene

Fantastic packages have been delivered to 84 homes Items included:liquid detergent,toilet rolls, hand sanitizer,multipurpose cleaning spray,shower gel,shampoo,pot noodle,cake,

Cheddars, crisps,crackers, 

     Steve Morgan Foundation Funded   

Plant Distribution

We distributed 102 pots, soil , seeds and time capsule books this week, each had a message for the girls.The sunflowers will grow giving the girls responsibility and show we can still grow  in quarantine

                   Foresters LTD Funded

Fillies Latest News (Lockdown)

Emergency Funded Donation

MASSIVE THANKS to Foresters Financial for their £200 donation via Lynne and Paul Seels

                        Thank you

Care Packages Distributed

Fantastic food packages have been delivered to 78 homes Items included: bread,crumpets, pancakes,milk,cereal,eggs,juice,beans,


   Steve Morgan Foundation Funded   

Saturday Night Bingo

JOIN US: Saturday 18/04/20 -16/05/20

            Eyes Down 8pm-9.30pm

             Fun-Free- Great Prizes

Fillies Latest News (Lockdown)

Food Donations


Allied Bakeries 

Merseyside Dairies


Raja Pack

For the food donations received

Special THANK YOU to Gary and Annette

LCR Cares Fund

Community Foundation have granted a LCR Cares grant to Fillies to provide activities and care packages for Fillies members

             THANK YOU LCR CARES

Saturday Night Entertainment

JOIN US: 28/3/20 - 11/04/20


Fun Fun Fun- Can you beat your Fillies Families? Do you really know the words?

Fillies Latest News (Lockdown)

Covid -19 Pages

New challenges Daily

Live Chats 9am-9pm

Relaxation Exercises

                MUCH MUCH MORE

Stay Safe Fillies

Government are calling for the nation to

                        STAY HOME

Please lets follow the instructions so we can get back together playing our football

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to ALL our Fillies families past and present. Sorry the Easter Bunny left your eggs in the Office girls and we cant get in HAHA

Fillies Latest News (Lockdown)

Learning Packages

Fantastic Learning packages have been delivered to 92 kids. Age appropriate items including Reading books, solar system models, bug houses,Animal Discovery etc

   Steve Morgan Foundation Funded   

Creative Packs Distributed

Fantastic creative packages have been delivered to 110 kids. Age appropriate items including Pens, paints, books, etc

   Steve Morgan Foundation Funded        

Virtual Grand National Sweep


1.Lauren H  - £100

2. Esmae H - £50

3. Abbie J   - £30

4. Ellie W    - £20    (Donated to club)

Fillies Latest News (Lockdown)

Absolute Hero

We are lucky to once again be supported by SMF with a covid-19 emergency grant to help our members at Fillies.

         Fantastic Steve- THANK YOU 

Covid-19 Webpage 

Our Covid-19 pages will go live on Thursday 24th March. Contact a coach for the password. Loads to do and keep in touch during LOCKDOWN

Corona Virus Lockdown

March 20th and the country is officially put on Lockdown. What will we do

                       NO FOOTBALL

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